Icicle on Tree Greeting Card


This is a beautiful 5×7 inch greeting card featuring a photo of an icicle on a tree branch. Your wish will have a personal flair with this handmade card!


This greeting card features a close-up photo of an icicle on a tree in a field. It reminds you to notice the small things in life. There is beauty everywhere, if we just look for it.

The interior of the card is blank, making this card very versatile and giving you plenty of space to write your own message.

This card is 5×7 inches with a 4×6 inch photo and the envelope is included.

All of our cards are handmade, with the photo attached to the card. The handmade touch goes above and beyond the bulk cards that we so often settle for when sending a quick note. The recipient will notice the difference and appreciate the thought that went into it.

Use this card to add a personal touch to your greeting!


Additional information

Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 7 × .5 in


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