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Coffee Shop and Card Challenge

I love coffee shops. As I sit here and ask myself why, I think it has something to do with the fact that I rarely go to a coffee shop alone. I go to meet a friend. We talk life. We talk hardships. We challenge each other. We encourage each other.  The encouragement is what really stands out. When I leave a coffee shop, I’m encouraged. I’m encouraged because I cut time out of my busy schedule to connect with someone who is important to me. And guess what, they cut time out for me too!

Coffee Cup

I’m a natural encourager. I love to build people up and let them know that they are loved and cared for. Maybe you are the same way. Do you love to encourage those who are near and dear to you? Not everyone is a natural encourager, but one thing I know for sure, everyone loves to be encouraged. I can’t think of one person who would say they don’t like being on the receiving end of an encouraging word.

Do you sometimes feel like there are people you should be in touch with, but they live far away or you don’t have a lot of time to give them a call? And sometimes a text message seems so impersonal, doesn’t it? I have a suggestion for you. What if you decided that, once a week, you were going to mail a note to someone to encourage them? It could be as simple as a few sentences, or maybe some days you write a bit more about life.  It would only take a few minutes out of your week, but it would mean the world to the person who receives it. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Doesn’t that sound easy to pull off but so rewarding?

I’ve got a challenge for you. I’m going to set a goal this year and I’d love for you to join me! Let’s decide that we are going to make someone’s day at least once a week this year! Perhaps there is one person in your life that could really use extra encouragement this year and you send a note to them each week. Or perhaps you pick someone different each week. Either way, someone’s day will be a little brighter because you took a few minutes to think about them, and follow through with a quick note. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I will send a note to a friend or family member each week this year. Will you join me? #snailmailchallenge

Stamped Envelopes

If you are hesitating, I’ve got just what you need. Our notecard subscriptions come with FREE stamps on the card envelopes, so it couldn’t be easier to get a quick note in the mail! Check them out here.

And make sure to comment and let me know that you are going to take up the weekly notecard challenge with me! We are in this together!